Small Sat Mission Solution Provider

We are an end-to-end small satellite prime contractor, delivering full mission solutions to customers. From design, build, integration and test to mission operations and training, we enable our customers’ missions. Our in-house ground software enables system operations, and the autonomy we’ve developed allows for near lights-out operations.



We develop concepts and turn them into satellites. We partner with our customers to develop the right system with the right performance for the mission. The way we design our systems gives our customers the performance they need with built-in flexibility. We also use agile design processes to execute our programs quickly and can pivot to address customers’ changing needs as necessary. We are using digital engineering and model-based systems engineering across several programs, and we are working toward a true digital thread throughout a satellite’s lifetime – from digital twins to building in a digitally-defined smart assembly-line.



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concepts developed to CDR+

Build & Manufacture

We build and manufacture our small satellites in our El Segundo manufacturing facilities under a competitive rate structure. We have dedicated spaces for prototyping development and qualification, as well as high-rate production for classified and unclassified programs. 




Product manufacturing

We are smartly and vertically integrated, building 80% of our satellite components in house, including attitude sensors & actuators, avionics systems, electrical systems, integrated propulsion systems and mechanisms. The technology we’ve developed has kept our systems ahead of the competition, and we space-qualify the latest commercial technologies. We apply our products to critical space missions to ensure high performance, rapid delivery and best-value systems for our customers.



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Satellite Integration and Test

Once a satellite’s components are ready, the team verifies they’re in working order, builds the spacecraft and then performs all functional and environmental tests. Millennium and Boeing's environmental test labs, including several thermal vacuum chambers ranging in capability, can host a broad spectrum of test articles. We also support launches, shipping the completed satellite to the launch site and integrating it onto the rocket. 



in-house testing


as-run procedures since 2017

Mission Ops

Satellites need a ground entry point for the collection and streaming of data and for command and control. Our ground station provides customers a true end-to-end mission solution, from designing and building satellites to mission tasking and delivering actionable data in seconds, not days. The time it takes to address anomalies, collect data or issue tasks to the satellite is very short because we’re co-located with our ground station. The added benefits save time and cost. Our ground system is only used by our company for our satellites and constellations across most Earth orbits. Our team also trains our customers on how to operate their systems.


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