Improving Life on Earth, From Space

Turn on the news and you’ll hear about space in one way or another. It’s a booming industry with new satellites, new human spaceflight programs and more. Are you ready to join us in space? We’re a prime small satellite company that can kickstart or transition your career in space.


Contribute to a greater purpose

Millennium Space Systems is a fast, agile small satellite company focused on national security space. We focus on the mission – it’s bigger than each one of us. Our missions have direct impact to global security, like missile warning and Earth observation.

Flexible careers

You don’t already have to work in space to work at Millennium. Because we use the latest commercial tech, we’re able to hire from other industries and companies, and new employees can apply their skills to what we do here. At Millennium, you’ll have the opportunity to take on new challenges, growing your career in many directions.


To infinity and beyond

There are things going on in the advanced space world that would seem like sci-fi if we told you. But, it’s not. It’s technology we’re working on today. And when you see it for yourself, it will all make sense.

Results you can see

Unlike other companies, at Millennium, you will see the results of your work. From conception to launch, our satellites come together in months not years.

Curious and bold

Our team is curious, bold and innovative. We take risks, innovate and explore new techniques and technologies. We influence change because we challenge the status quo. And when we watch our satellites launch, we know each one of us made it happen.


We have great benefits, like 100% paid healthcare coverage, 5% 401K match, 9/80 work schedule and end-of-year holiday closure.