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Millennium is delivering the satellite for VICTUS NOX, a Tactically Responsive Space mission led by the Space Safari Program Office within Space Systems Command. 

“We’re extremely excited to partner with Millennium Space Systems on our upcoming VICTUS NOX mission. Their innovative team is helping lead the way for Tactically Responsive Space, ensuring the U.S. has the ability to immediately respond to any on-orbit need,” said Lt Col MacKenzie Birchenough, Materiel Leader, Space Safari.  

VICTUS NOX is the next Tactically Responsive Space demonstration. The mission’s main focus is to deliver a satellite into operations on a tactically relevant timeline in order to demonstrate a credible response to new on-orbit threats.  Once given the go ahead from Space Force Leadership, the goal is to have the satellite and launch vehicle come together, mated, encapsulated, launched and placed into Low-Earth orbit within 24 hours. Once on orbit, the satellite will conduct a Space Domain Awareness mission.  

Millennium will pull a satellite from its production line, modify it for the TacRS mission and deliver within eight months. Critical to the program is its short call-up time, allowing just hours to run the satellite through final testing, fueling and delivery to the launch site. 

“VICTUS NOX is right up our alley – going fast is just in our DNA,” said Jason Kim, chief executive officer, Millennium Space Systems. “We deliver secure, assured systems rapidly, like Tetra-1 –delivered in less than 13 months and Dragracer in just nine months.”

Millennium’s national security-focused small sat production line and common core products really positioned us to support Space Safari’s intention to push the envelope for rapidly conducting space missions.

VICTUS NOX will launch in 2023. Millennium will perform VICTUS NOX mission operations from its headquarters in El Segundo, California. The company’s in-house ground software enables system operations, and the autonomy developed allows for near lights-out operations.

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